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Why Choose Trytoon

TRYTOON ACADEMY committed to provide excellent Design educational services in Bhubaneswar ,odisha for that we have very strict about our educational pattern and systems. Our tem has many experienced professional member guide and make very disciplinary educational progression  and find many unique training programme to expose all the students in very practical subject.

We are taking the students responsibility for their bright future so every time we have individual interaction with both students and faculties members where the communication will more transparency. we have consistently developed programs that are aimed to provide young minds with a detailed understanding about the Design world. It is not only important to be a good designer, to become a successful designer you need to know how the world of many designers  operates and therefore conveniently blend yourself with its various workings. Our programs are always in line with the present needs of the fashion world while at the same time touching the areas that we might see in the future. So let’s have a look at the reasons as to why we have truly emerged over time as among the best fashion, interior and multimedia design institutes in Bhubaneswar.

At TRYTOON ACADEMY, we offer an educational facility that is at par with the global standards of DESIGN education. This provides our students with the ideal place to sharpen their creative and management skills.

We not only encourage our students to develop their creative potential but also educate them on how professional designer  business operates. This eventually helps them to develop design industries solutions that are in line with the current needs of the market.

Designers also need to be versatile in their approach while they are developing their skills. This comes in handy when they have to handle a wide range of clients who have differing requirements. In our college TRYTOON ACADEMY, we train our students to have a broad sense of mind as well as adaptability to changing needs.

Our programs are constantly updated so that they are in line with the requirements of the design industry. This certainly shows why we are considered as among the best fashion design,interior design and animation multimedia  institutes in Bhubaneswar.

Industrial visits pertaining to different  sector like building manufacture,fashion sector, apparel sector and boutiques are the main highlights of the student’s curriculum.

[FASHION DESIGN]-Unique Training Programme at TRYTOON ACADEMY

  • Textile Mill Visits
  • Textiles Manufacturing Plants
  • Embroidery Units Visits
  • Production Units visits
  • Weaver’s Village Visits-[NA]
  • Printing workshop Visits
  • Live Workshops
  • Mall Visits For Brand survey
  • Textile Exhibitions
  • Textile Fairs,Trade Fairs
  • Fashion Events,to give them the required industry exposure
  • Design Visualisation

[INTERIOR DESIGN]-Unique Training Programme at TRYTOON ACADEMY

  • Construction site visit for practical exposes.
  • Manufacture industries visit.
  • Live workshops for design expose.
  • Professional experts training at each Subject.
  • Technical expertise in Building construction.
  • Expose Mental efficiencies by sketching ideas.
  • Model making in each interior projects.
  • Strong design visualization skills only in one year which ready to work any projects.
  • Entrepreneur Skills & Business Ideas.
  • Students teamwork’s and leadership.
  • Visit Interior trade fairs and events.
  • 100% internship for each student for more professional skills.


  • Animation industry visits.
  • Own production live works facilities.
  • Live workshops for Animation design.
  • Professional experts training for upgrading animation works.
  • Expose students works in different media and magazines .
  • Expose Mental efficiency by sketching ideas and writing story board for short film.
  • Clay modeling and Mud design for different characters.
  • Strong design visualization by new thoughts and Idea organised phase wise by our faculties.
  • Entrepreneur Skills & Business Ideas.
  • Students teamwork’s and leadership.
  • Visit design trade fairs and events.
  • 100% internship for each student for more professional skills.


  • Experts training
  • Practical site exposes
  • Industries visit
  • Job training Mock interview
  • Communication Soft skill expertise
  • Visiting profession for different industries
  • Arranged seminar workshops for different projects
  • Motivation industrial exposes
  • Internship and Placements


  • Individual attention
  • Creative teaching and Resonance skill
  • Practical workshop
  • E-smart class room
  • Mock test
  • Exclusive Materials


  • Campus Placement Support.
  • Professional curriculum according design industries.
  • Faculty with real time production experienced.
  • Immediate up-gradation of training according to industry moderated.
  • Guest lecturers from industry experts.
  • Value added courses like job skills and Personal development.
  • Design visualization courses CAD,Rendering, Illustration etc.
  • Studio visit for students & Study tours.
  • Practice LAB available 24×7.
  • Students activities for creative orientation.
  • Seminar Workshop etc.
  • Student internship scheme.
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