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TRYTOON ACADEMY conduct an events of Fashion Show 2015 at Palasuni Hat,Rasulgarh,Bhubaneswar by taking 1st year students attempted their own creativity and Fashion technology which all the students walked ramp show organized by college campus. On this occasion chief guest Dr.Pranati Das HOD of Home science Dept.OUAT,Bhubaneswar ,Honorable guest Director of Integral home Pvt.Ltd Mr Bibhu Das & Er.Patitapabana Das Director of TRYTOON ACADEMY Mr.swadesh Kumat Muduli,HOD of Fashion Design Dept.Mrs.Nandita Archraya & Mrs.Namita Das,HOD Interior Design dept.Mrs.Heena Agrawala & Somyashree Mohanty has present in Fashion ceremony. Students have participate with their own creative dresses Nandini,Mihir,Sarika,Dipti,Priya,Beauty,Namita,Fazana,Ananya,Itishree,Varsha,Twinkly,Khusbu,Ankita,Biswa.

Spring Fashion show Bhubaneswar OdishaTrytoon Academy understands the value of “learning by doing” – which encourages us to invest in workshops involving their creativity. Students gain to orient their skills towards practical requirements through such workshops and seminars. This academic year, Trytoon academy emphasis on merging basic styles with own creativity of students for trending ladies wear, these projects are conducted over a 2 to 4 week period in the classroom. Such projects are an integral aspect of Trytoon academy curriculum and seek to expose students to a wide variety of existing scenarios in the designing field, along with testing their problem solving abilities. Such projects are conducted for a batch of students under the guidance of an experienced faculty member. Workshops provide room for brainstorming and generation of ideas. we at Trytoon believe these to be a medium of idea exchange between students and the experts.
We also conduct situation test to increase creativity & healthy competition, the students are given various materials. Relevance to the given problem and explanation write-up.
Based upon the format the workshop is designed with an aim where the student realizes various uses / transformation of the used materials, in different forms and different tastes which should be creatively stimulating and practical in approach. Students will be motivated to explore with the materials in different and functional forms.
The workshop will be about invention, design research and analysis.
These workshop help students to gain knowledge practically about :
• how to make a pattern as per these sketched design
• grading as per design
• design process
• the design principles of composition,shape,scale,
texture & color
• design evaluation and discrimination.
• visualization
• importance and relevance of design in everyday life
• portfolio as an extension of personality

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