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How the Fashion design Career focus to young students:-

A particular design accepted by many people is called Fashion. Now a days fashion is very necessary for everyone. People wants to look fashionable in everyday, so fashion has very demand. Now garments are very fashionable for each and every people. so it has course known as fashion designing. In this course students has many career opportunities. In this course students can show their creative ideas, and give different and unique designs for our society. It is a chance to shown creative ideas in different ways.  In short fashion spreads a strong impact on today’s society. It is a reflection on social, economical and cultural changes.

Fashion designing courses provide best fashion institute in Bhubaneswar odishaImportant of drawing & sketching in fashion design

Drawing  and sketching are two powerful aspects  in fashion design. A designer cant make a design without drawing  and sketching. the basic difference between drawing &  sketching is ,in drawing  we are using pencil,pen,pastels,color pencil, crayon to make a picture but in case of sketching we are using graphite, charcoal, ink to create a fashionable & stylish picture. Designer using various types of colors such as poster color ,fabric color, color pencil etc.  sketching designer create different types of effect by using charcoal, ink graphite etc.

drawing & sketching are interlinked with each other. visualization or imagination is most important factor in drawing. Designer make his virtual imagination design and after that it make in real by organization or production units. in fashion designer should draw various types of motives such as birds,flowers,animals,leaf.human face ,figure, hair style, legs are also required for represent your design in professional manner.

Indian Traditional Outfit Saree

           Saree is a female garment in the Indian culture. A more traditional and royal look is generated by wearing such classic dress. We found this outfit in the grand epic Mahabharata wearing by Draupadi. Now this valuable dress look new in every season as the designers designed styles make it more wearable.

In the modern fashion field women are attracted to wear traditional Indian clothing which includes embellished saree as their favourite,hottest,and exposing dress. The saree gives them traditional stylish trend. The hand crafted embroidery on such dresses and colors makes them sense to wear.

Even in European countries the Indian wedding sarees are loved. Most of Hollywood celebrities get exotic look when they draped with the Indian designer sarees.

The Indian are more conscious about their right outfit due to latest fashion trend. Experiment with your requirement for vivid color styles choose sarees that suits your best.

Inspirational design

In our surrounding world we see some objects also feel and inspired from them and also can create some designs. Many designer or person first saw that object and concentrated on it. After that he tried to make a new thing. At last he concluded or get a new idea on the basic of that object. The design which they will created must be very innovative and attractive one. Design ideas can comes like in crowded place or in silent place. Everyone in the creative industry wants to improve his her creativity. Everyone can inspire from objects and make a design according to that object. That depends upon the thinking power and point of view of the person. We can inspired by different things like water, tree , animal, bird etc. Mainly design depends upon your interest. All interested individuals get the best and freshest inspiration and daily make some innovative design as a inspirational design.

Jewelry design

Indian gold jewelry is one of the most loved jewelries. Indian gold jewelry has continuously changed with time . Indian women especially the married have always had a traditional jewelry. Nature inspire by the Indian jewelry. India is the country there are different religions.

The kundan silver gold are more popular in India. India jewelry is about traditions and heritage. At any occasions or wedding a woman is gifted jewelry by her parents and relatives. Silver jewelry is not for behind in popularity. Fashion jewelry is costume jewelry. Gold jewelry is to be symbolic of lakshmi.

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