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1) Down load the Registration Application form.

2) Download the  Brochure,Leaflets for details informtion about courses.

3) Submit the Application form at Mail ID :

4) As per discussion with admission Councillor deposit Registration fess Rs-5000 on Bank Account along with Registration form filled completely

5) After deposit your Registration fees and Registration form it will confirmed your booking seat by given contact numbers.

6) After completion of registration within one months students have to take admission in concern courses.


Apply For Scholarship

  • Apply scholarship students have selected by the process of entrance test conducted our college campus.
  • Applicant should be Good attitude and minimum 70% of mark in HSC And CHSE examination.
  • Applicant eligibility totally depend upon the academic Authorization.
  • Down load the Scholarship Application form
  • Fill properly as per the requirement Scholarship Application form
  • Submit the Application form at Mail
  • After submit your Application form Applicant will confirm for Entrance test at our campus
  • Within 7 days She/He will confirmed for eligibility to getting our Scholarship applicant.
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