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Diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism

Students Find Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Studies at Bhubaneswar odisha is an elective subject of Hotel and Tourism industries. This subject focuses on tourism and hospitality education with the primary aim of broadening students’ knowledge of the overall industry of tourism and hospitality, including its issues and developments. This subject helps students to understand tourism and hospitality by providing them with the basic concepts, knowledge and theories of the industry as well as related practical experiences. It does not take on a sector-specific training approach, nor does it aim at equipping students with clearly defined practical skills, such as airline ticketing, tour guiding, catering or housekeeping.

best institute for hotel management course in bhubaneswar odishaTrytoon Academy is the best hotel management college in bhubaneswar provide Diploma in hotel management and tourism courses for the students have passed 10th and after 10+2 education qualification.The social aspect of tourism and hospitality education will help students to develop a sense of ethical responsibility and a healthy hospitality culture. This is important in helping the community, the nation and the world to achieve the common goal of global sustainable development, and is also important to the personal development of students.

The study of Diploma in tourism and hospitality also provides opportunities for students to develop their general intellectual capacities for life-long learning. For example, it promotes communication skills, interpersonal skills, information processing skills, problem solving skills and decision-making skills, etc.

Tourism and Hospitality is a complex field of study, because it involves a variety of disciplines, either directly or indirectly related to the understanding of tourism. Its multi-disciplinary nature will complement students’ learning of other subjects. For example, the study of sustainable tourism development can illustrate the concept of biodiversity and social responsibility, through examining contemporary tourism-related issues familiar to students.

Duration: 2 Years

Level: Diploma After 10+2

Type: Diploma

Eligibility:10+2 or Equivalent

Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism: Course Syllabus

Unit Code and Title  for Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism
Year One-Syllabus for Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism
DHMT 01: Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
DHMT 02: Introduction to Travel and Tour Operations
DHMT 03: Communication Skills in Tourism
DHMT 04: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
DHMT 05: Customer Service
DHMT 06: Principles of Management in Hospitality and Tourism
DHMT 07: Introduction to the History of East Africa
DHMT 08: Peoples and Culture of East Africa
DHMT 09: Nature and Wildlife knowledge
DHMT 10: Enterprise Development in Hospitality and Tourism
DHMT 11: Tourism and the Environment
DHMT 12: Introduction to Travel Geography
Year Two- Syllabus for Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism
DHMT 13: Computer Applications in Hospitality and Tourism
DHMT 14: Introduction to Research Methods in Tourism
DHMT 15: Tour Operations Techniques
DHMT 16: Travel Agency Techniques
DHMT 17: Introduction to Statistics in Tourism
DHMT 18: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Accounting
DHMT 19: Introduction to Airfare and Ticketing
DHMT 20: Tourism Planning and Development

DHMT 21: Tourism Facilities Management
DHMT 22: Tourism Service Quality Management
DHMT 23: Tourism Project
DHMT 24: Ecotourism
DHMT 25: Industrial Attachment (Practicum) Outside Semester

Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism: Admission Process

Admission for Master Diploma in Hotel Management required registration befor admission at Trytoon Academy, Bhubaneswar, odisha. Registration fess will be Rs-3000 that can apply by online or visit campus at Palasuni hat,rasulgarh,Bhubaneswar.

  • Submitted passport size 4 Nos of photo copy.
  • Submitted Academy Certificate 2 Nos of Xerox copy with verified by concerned admission authority.
  • Submitted Residential prove certificate Xerox copy [Voter ID or Pan Card].
  • Attached Payment receipt Xerox copy.

Certificate in Customers Service Skills Aims and Objectives

The aims of the curriculum are to enable students to:

(a) enhance their awareness of the growing importance of the tourism and hospitality industry to our society, nation and the world.

(b) acquire a comprehensive understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry, in particular the tourism system and those dimensions of hospitality (skills, personal qualities and attitudes) that are valued by the industry.

(c) develop the appropriate knowledge, values and skills that support the sustainable development of the industry.

 (d) develop the general intellectual capacity for life-long learning through the application of relevant concepts and theories in Tourism and hospitality to daily situations.

(e) develop the ability to apply the knowledge and skills they acquire from the subject to a wide range of contexts, and gain pre-employment experience in selected sectors of the industry .

(f) acquire knowledge and pre-employment industrial experience to explore multiple pathways for further studies in post-secondary institutions and for career development in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Knowledge Objectives

Certificate in Bakery Baking TechniciansStudents should be able to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry and be able to relate theory to practice. Students are expected to develop knowledge and understanding about-

(a) the reasons why people travel and how the tourism and hospitality industry meets their needs.

(b) the interdisciplinary nature of the tourism and hospitality industry as well as tourist destinations, infrastructures and superstructures.

(c) local and international tourist and hospitality developments and issues, and their social, economic and environmental impact

 (d) the major functional areas within the tourism and hospitality sectors and the career opportunities available.

Skills Objectives

Students are expected to:

 (a) develop a range of technical, personal, interpersonal, organizational and generic skills that can be applied in various contexts, both within and beyond the workplaces of the tourism and hospitality industry. These include effective communication skills, customer service skills, information processing skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving skills, etc.

(b) apply appropriate knowledge and skills in a wide range of industry-related situations.

Attitude Objectives

Students are expected to develop values and attitudes about:

 (a) the dynamic nature of the tourism and hospitality industry and the importance of being a self-motivated problem solver and life-long learner

 (b) the importance of hospitable and friendly behaviors appropriate to the industry.

(c) the significance of ethical responsibility in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism: Academy Facilities:

  • Center of Capital city on NH-5
  • Lingua Lab and contemporary hospitality software
  • Restaurant, Demo Bar, Guest Houses & House Keeping labs for practical experience
  • Kitchen & Bakery for hands on experience
  • Magazine cell
  • AC Class Room
  • AC Studio Room
  • Advance & Hi-tech Grooming Lab
  • Lobby Reception
  • WI-FI Campus
  • Hostel
  • Sports
  • Industry collaborated Training Lab
  • Transportation

Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism: Unique Features & Benefits:

  • Campus Placement Support
  • Faculty with Production Experienced
  • Industry Institution Interactions
  • Provide free Value Added Courses like Job Skills and Personal Development
  • Production Studio Visit & Study Tours
  • Students Fellowship Program
  • Student Internship Scheme
  • Industries Curriculum Courses
  • Industry & Professional Certificate
  • Guest Lecturers from Industry Experts
  • Practical Lab available 24×7
  • Students Activities for Creative, Orientation, Seminar Workshop etc.
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