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Design Skills

At Trytoon Academy, we make students adept not only academically but also cater to their all round development so that they emerge as more confident and successful person after graduating from our Institute. Design skills are an integral part for the holistic development of students.

Our Unique program of Design Skills accompanied with Communication Skills make the perfect combination to make the student ready for the competitive world outside. It takes great effort and perseverance from our dedicated faculty and staff to ensure that there is no stone unturned for the bright future of our students.

Role of PD in Interior Design and Fashion Design :

A successful Interior Designer or a Fashion Designer is the one with an impressive personality and the ability to communicate effectively. Good communication skills are an inherent requirement for all job interviews and later on, in the corporate life also. A good leader has to be a good communicator first. We create leaders at Trytoon Academy who create history in the fields of Interior Design and Fashion Design in the future. Our Alumni base is going strong and is reaching milestones not only in India but all across the world. History is already in the making!

All this is possible with our constant emphasis and dedication of students towards Personality Development. We have made it a necessary part of our curriculum. With technically sound minds and confident personalities, our students are ready to face all challenges of life from the word Go!


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