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The spring summer 2017 is a fashion to cool, trendy and vibrant with more accent to bright pastel colours. This season Pink will dominating color to all pastels. Strips and Big floral print on light weight sheer fabric and Tulle Will be on trend.  Camisole, crop top, cape, loose tops, kurtis, Mini skirts, wrap round, cargo, capri, plazzo will give you comfort and flaunt to your attitude.

No doubt our own khadi and handloom will bag top position in terms of comfort and look.

Fashion Designer Students Participant-

  1. Babula barik
  2. Lipika Meher
  3. Dibyabharati lenka
  4. Nikita singh
  5. Barnali mohanty
  6. Manisha panda
  7. Jaya parween
  8. Chinmayee subudhi
  9. Sushree sangita champti

Spring Fashion show Bhubaneswar OdishaSpring fashion season is upon us in our fashion trends. As winter gone temperatures start to rise, we’re swapping out our winter cloths and Strips and Big floral print on light weight sheer fabric and Tulle Will be on trend. In addition to pulling out our old favorites, we’re looking to find the latest trends for the style season ahead. Naturally, people are turning to fashion world in the moments that matter when it comes to their wardrobe this spring. Our College new designers are so exciting to expose their new trends for spring fashion so they started their new design for self model and rock in spring Fashion show.Fashion Designer Prakash Parida and Nandita Archarya guide our students to enhance their creative ideas which reflect our students efforts and blessed bright future in Fashion Design career.

Our Designers students bring splashes of sunshine to the runway for spring 2017. Vibrant brights add a sense of excitement to the color palette, while practical neutrals provide a safety net for cautious consumers. Pairing a bold color with a basic piece or freshening up their look with bright accents addresses the need for practicality, as well as fun.” Spring and summer naturally evoke feelings of calm ocean waters and tranquil beach vacations in cool, vibrant, tropical Turquoise. This soothing hue from the blue-green family conjures feelings of escape, especially when paired with Amparo Blue. With more warmth than the typical spring navy, this particular shade of blue is extremely appealing because of its brighter, more energetic attitude. Like the scent of a blossoming flower, Violet lends a romantic air to the warm-weather palette. This intriguing purplish hue is a distinctive addition to any wardrobe. Yellow has made its mark on fashion and spring will further this trend with gleaming Aurora. Reminiscent of the first glimpse of yellow as the sun begins to rise over the horizon, this shimmering, slightly greenish yellow adds a bold infusion. Energy continues to surge throughout the warmer hues of spring, leading to provocative Fusion Coral. This inviting orange connects directly to tangy Tomato Purée, this season’s classic red. Pair it with Turquoise for a retro look. Thoughtful, cautious neutrals provide a dependable backbone to the brights of spring.

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Spring Fashion show Bhubaneswar Odisha

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