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TRYTOON ACADEMY envisions a world-class education system in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, providing unique facilities that expose creative ideas from the potential of our students. Our college offers various design courses in Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, such as:

These are the main courses we provide in our college, beside of these we also provide many expertise courses like :

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This degree is accredited by Utkal University of Culture

In each course at Trytoon Academy, we are committed to providing a structured learning system to ensure that students receive the maximum potential benefits. That’s why we have designed specific methods that are advantageous to all our students.

We provide a Library for all design students that contains many valuable books in fashion design, interior design, animation multimedia, and many other subjects.

We provide Magazine cells for all the subjects in fashion design subject, interior design subjects, and animation subjects, which has made us update our students each month.

We organize industrial visits for all students, enhancing their studies in fashion design, interior design, and animation multimedia careers at our college.

We offer visits to embroidery units, textile mills, production units, garment manufacturing plants, weaver villages, and printing workshops. These visits contribute to the advanced learning of Fashion Design students in their career in fashion design.

In the Interior Design course, we enhance learning methods by organizing construction site visits for practical exposure, visits to manufacturing industries, and technical site visits for core knowledge. These experiences help interior design students become more practical and professional in their careers.

A career in animation is significant for imparting production knowledge through the learning process. Our college has its own production house, “PARGONCGS,” where we provide hands-on experience in animation technology and the production process.

We provide facilities for the continuous development of our learning methods by organizing various exhibitions, live workshops, seminars, etc. Trytoon Academy in Bhubaneswar conducts and facilitates fashion events, providing essential industry exposure. This includes participation in textile fairs, trade fairs, mall visits for brand surveys, textile exhibitions, and live workshops for all fashion design students. For interior design students, we arrange visits to interior trade fairs and events, encourage teamwork and leadership, and conduct live workshops to expose them to design principles.

With state-of-the-art facilities, TRYTOON ACADEMY focuses on innovative methods for students’ development: mental efficiency through sketching, expert training, model making, rapid design visualization, entrepreneurial skills, and 100% internships. This establishes us as the premier institute for Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Animation Multimedia in Bhubaneswar.

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Student Success Stories

Aisha Lenka
Aisha LenkaSustainable Fashion Pioneer
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Aisha Sharma, a Trytoon Academy graduate, founded her own sustainable fashion label, gaining recognition for eco-friendly designs.
Rajesh Kumar Sahoo
Rajesh Kumar Sahoo Lead Designer at Luxury Fashion House
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Rajesh Khanna’s master’s degree from Trytoon led to a successful career as a lead designer at a prestigious luxury fashion brand.
Priya Parimita Das
Priya Parimita DasFashion Entrepreneur
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Priya Mehta’s journey post-graduation includes founding a fashion consulting firm specializing in trend forecasting and branding.
Vijay Kumar Behera
Vijay Kumar BeheraRespected Fashion Educator
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Vijay Singh now imparts knowledge as a respected fashion educator at a renowned design institute.
Neha Preeti Dash
Neha Preeti Dash Lead Film Costume Designer
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Neha Gupta’s path led her to become a lead costume designer in the film industry, creating memorable looks for characters on screen.

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