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Learning Method

TRYTOON ACADEMY is the vision of world class education system in Bhubaneswar ,odisha and provide most unique facilities which are expose creative ideas from the students potential.Our college provide different Design courses in bhubnaeswar the capital city of Odisha like :

  • Fashion design course
  • Interior Design Course
  • Animation Multimedia Course

These are the main courses we provide in our college ,beside of these we also provide many expertise course like :

  • Jewellery Design Course
  • Product Design Course
  • Automobile Design Course                
  • Web Design Course
  • Graphic Design Course
  • Architecture Pre-viz Course
  • Vastu Design course
  • Landscape Design course
  • Textile Design course
  • Photography course
  • GIS course
  • Personal Development skills

So each courses in Trytoon Academy we have committed to provide certain learning system which the students receive in maximum potential,that whay we have designed certain method which are benefit to all the students.

We provide Library for all the design students contains many valuable books in fashion design,interior design,animation multimedia and many other subjects.

We provide Magazine cell for all the subjects in fashion design subject,interior design subjects,animation subjects,which has making update our students in each months.

We provide industrial visit for all the students it helps advanced studied in fashion design career,interior design career and animation multimedia career in our college.

We provide Embroidery unit visits,textile mills visit,production unit visit,garment manufacture plants visit,weaver’s village visits,printing workshop visits, which helps Fashion design students more advanced in their carrier in fashion designing.

In interior design course  to improve learning methods we provide Construction site visit for practical exposes, Manufacture industries visit,technical site for core knowledge helps the interior design students become more practical and professional in their career.

Animation career is more important to giving production knowledge in the learning method as well ,so our college have own production house “PARGONCGS” where we provide live works in animation technology and the process of works.

We are giving facilities further developing learning method arranging different exhibition, live workshops, seminars etc.Trytoon Academy in Bhubaneswar conduct and provide Fashion Events, to give them the required industry exposure, Textile Fairs, Trade Fairs, Mall Visits For Brand survey, Textile Exhibitions,,Live Workshops for all the fashion design students. For the interior design students we arranged Visit Interior trade fairs and events, Students teamwork’s and leadership, Live workshops for design expose.

Beside of lots facilities in learning method further focusing new creative method for development of students potential like, Expose Mental efficiencies by sketching ideas, Professional experts training at each Subject, Model making in each interior projects, Strong design visualization skills only in one year which ready to work any projects, Entrepreneur Skills & Business Ideas, 100% internship for each student for more professional skills it reflected our college TRYTOON ACADEMY is the best Interior design, Fashion design, Animation multimedia institute in Bhubaneswar.


  • Drawing and Drafting Room
  • Library
  • Magazine Cell
  • AC Class Room
  • AC studio Room
  • Material Laboratory
  • Model Making
  • Lobby Reception
  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Hostel
  • Transportation
  • Sports
  • Industrial tours
  • Exhibition
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