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Certificate Course In Fashion Design

Short term Fashion design courses 1month to 6months known as Certificate course in Fashion Design.

Certificate Course in Fashion Design at Trytoon Academy

Certificate course in Boutique Design: [6 Months Duration]

Course Over view- Clothing is one of the basic needs of human being people one becoming fashion conscious. With change in fashion & style, the stitching of garment also changes. Hence keeping in view the market demand and change fashion technology, courses on cutting, tailoring & dress making have been suitably designed in the structure of non formal education. The beneficiaries are new literates and people with low education levels. Besides in Indian tradition girls/women are expected to know tailoring to fulfill the basic stitching requirement at home. Stitching of garments at home is a money saving device for lower middle income group. Besides tailoring can be a vocation for self employment.

Eligibility: –  Any Qualification

Course Module:-

  • Basic Concept Of Fashion Designing
  • Design Ideas
  • Sketching And Illustration
  • Basic Designing
  • Cutting & Stitching
  • Drafting
  • Pattern Making
  • Garment Construction
  • History Of Fashion
  • Project Work And Market Survey
  • Portfolio

 Certificate course in Fashion Merchandising: [6 Months Duration]

 Eligibility: –  Any Qualification

Course Module:- 

  • Role And Scope Of Merchandising
  • Fashion Industry Language Guide
  • Introduction To International Designers
  • Marketing
  • Introduction To Garment Merchandising
  • Inter-Departmental Relationship For Merchandiser
  • Product Development
  • Pre-Buying Activity
  • Interaction Between Merchandiser And Buyer
  • Production And Merchandiser
  • Projects And Assignments

Unique Feature & Benefits:-

  • Embroidery Units Visits
  • Production Units visits
  • Weaver’s Village Visits
  • Printing workshop Visits
  • Live Workshops
  • Mall Visits For Brand survey
  • Textile Fairs, Trade Fairs

Admission Process:-

  • Submitted passport size 4 Nos of photo copy.
  • Submitted Academy Certificate 2 Nos of Xerox copy with verified by concerned admission authority.
  • Submitted Residential prove certificate Xerox copy [Voter ID or Pan Card].
  • Attached Payment receipt Xerox copy.


Short term course in Fashion Design: [1 Months-5 Months Duration]

Over view- One Month to Three months Fashion design course is called as short term certificate course in Fashion design we developed these courses for very short time to extract expertise in specific design skill like Certificate in Embroidery Design ,Certificate in Indian Embroidery ,Certificate in Garment Construction – Ladies Wear ,Certificate in Garment Construction – Kids ,Certificate in Soft Toys Design, Certificate in Fabric Design.

Eligibility: –  Any Qualification

Course Module:-

1.       Certificate in Pattern Making (Duration 2 Months)
2.       Certificate in Acessories Design (Duration 2 Months)
3.       Certificate in Embroidery Design (Duration 2 Months)
4.       Certificate in Indian Embroidery (Duration 2 Months)
5.       Certificate in Garment Construction – Ladies Wear (Duration 2 Months)
6.       Certificate in Garment Construction – Kids Wear (Duration 2 Months)
7.       Certificate in Art & Craft Design(Duration 2 Months)
8.       Certificate in Fabric Design (Duration 3 Months)
9.       Certificate in Sketching and Design Ideas (Duration 3 Months)


Eligibility: –  Fashion design Degree/ Diploma Qualification

Course Module:-

  • Paint Brush
  • Corel Draw
  • PhotoShop
  • Auto Cad
  • Illustrator
  • Animation & 3D
  • Scanning And Internet

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