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About us

TRYTOON ACADEMY  is the top leading college for DESIGN and HOTEL MANAGEMENT professional Career Academy at Bhubaneswar in the capital city of Odisha which is Affiliated Utkal University of Culture recognised by Govt of odishaTRYTOON ACADEMY of Professional studies has been established to facilitate the world class education in the field of Fashion Design,Interior Design,Animation vfx. Photography,web design,Beauty and Wellness,Hotel management, journalism mass Communication etc ,Our college provide govt affiliated courses for undergraduate program,Graduate program,post graduate program,Diploma program,Certificate program like Bachelor Degree,Graduate Bsc Degree,Diploma,Advanced diploma,Certificate short term courses,Master degree courses for professional career which we provide top placements in all the respected subjects. Trytoon Academy have vision for success in global education for delivering quality education and provide top jobs placement in different avail courses so we have associate with global organisation to improve our education system which our college is Accredited by IAO Houston,TX77043,USA] and [ISO 9001:2008 Certified college since 2009.

TRTOON ACADEY Affiliated to Utkal University of Culture for Fashion Design, Interior Design, Hotel Management


Our college provide many specilisation course like Jewellery Design Course,Product Design Course,Automobile Design Course,Web Design Course,Graphic Design Course,Architecture Pre-viz Course,Vastu Design course,Landscape Design course,Textile Design course,Photography course.GIS course,Personal Development skills  for short term certificate course having duration 1 Months to 10 Months.

Find now most jobs oriented courses which is most demanded for student have completed 10+2 in any steam eligible for taking admission in top institute in Bhubaneswar odisha that Trytoon Academy provide professional Govt affiliated courses for various job oriented program for Fashion Design courses, Interior Designing Courses, Animation Multimedia Courses,Photography and Videography Courses, Hotel management, Journalism and mass communication having Diploma one year and Two years Duration .

If students have interested to make career in Designs and managements courses have bright future as per most demanded industries requirement in India and Abroad, so for jobs and career prospects Trytoon Academy committed delivering quality education and facilitating for unique training program at our campus Trytoon Academy is Now one of the best college provide Interior design course,Fashion design course,Hotel management course,Animation multimedia course,photography course,Journalism and mass communication course,web design course, graphic design course,beauty and wellness course in eastern India which is established in 2009 at Bhubaneswar ,odisha to making the opportunities of young students become self sufficient and entrepreneurship goal.

Our college is the team of groomed committed professionals which the college campus made as perfect education environment system to build our future designer succeed in national and international challenges.challenges. Trytoon educational system has unique and very qualitative teaching pattern to meet the immediate industries requirements as per market updated.


Trytoon Academy provide the optimum quality of interior design course module which meet the practical requirement for the building industries.We have very professional teachers which have professional experienced in project work that help our students to learn depth level of process of work in interior design project execution.Our student have visit work place understand the process of work from raw building to finished work which make them lots of confident to entire process.We make them process of low cost interior design project to get research by available material in the market  and executed by their Clint in free of cost which again make them more exciting to understand interior design project execution and cost analysis with design perfection.

Trytoon Academy maintained the professional education system in our college which is the top interior design college in bhubaneswar odisha and we have the best interior design course module to meet the expert in interior designer goal.Among all the interior design institute in odisha our college is top leading interior design college in bhubaneswar having top placement due to the professional quality of education and wide professional relation by bhubaneswar interior design firm and also top interior design company in building industries.

We provide best interior design course module in bhubaneswar campus as given below-


Fashion design career is not only passionate art and design skill but it is a myriad technology to analysis everything aspects of points. So In Trytoon Academy our experts groom faculties initiate all the students by sparking creativity,generating new ideas, filled sense of design, making conceptualise, digital visulisation, self research, and professional presentations which made them successful future designer. Fashion design based on many forms like sportswear, menswear, womensware,kidsware etc so students have many specialisation and research to make different concept and produce in new fashion.
Trytoon Academy has unique education system to maintain world class education in career of fashion design course in bhubneswar state of odisha. So it is top fashion design college in bhubaneswar and leading fashion design institute in bhubaneswar odisha. We provide the many career in fashion design courses which meet the industries expertise to complete the courses in Trytoon academy Bhubaneswar.

Fashion Design Course Module


Hotel Management course is one of the most popular course preferences among the students who want to make a career in the ever-growing hospitality industry.Trytoon Academy is the top listed college in bhubaneswar provide govt affiliated Hotel Management course in bhubaneswar,odisha. Hotel Management is an upcoming global industry and has a multi-focused approach in all over world. As the hospitality sector is become booming, there is a constant need for skilled professionals in the field of hotel management industries as It is flourishing in big as well as small cities. It prepares students to work at the hotels, resorts, cruise liners, aviation and casinos. Such is the demand for hotel management programmes in India Trytoon Academy offering hotel management courses in Bhubaneswar odisha which is affiliated from Utkal university of culture and recognized by Govt of odisha. So, for all hotel management aspirants, for joining to pursue a course in hospitality we offer various courses like Bachelor degree for 4 years, diploma courses for 2 years and one year and certificate courses for 6 months.

Hotel Management Courses

  • Hotel management Course
    • Bachelor Degree Course
  • Bachelor Degree In Hotel management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management & Tourism
    • Advanced Diploma Courses
  • Diploma Food & Beverages Operations – 1 Year
  • Diploma in Food Production – 1 Year
  • Diploma in Professional Cooking
  • Diploma in Food Beverages Services – 1 Year
  • Diploma in Culinary Skills – 1 Year
  • Diploma in Room Divisions Operations – 1 Year
  • Diploma in Service Operation – 1 Year
  • Diploma in Front Office Management – 1 Year
  • Diploma in House Keeping – 1 Year
  • Diploma in Corporate House Keeping – 1 Year
  • Diploma in Domestic House Keeping – 1 Year
  • Diploma in Institutional House Keeping – 1Year
  • Certificate in Bakery Baking Technicians – 6 Months
  • Certificate in Snacks Production – 6 Months
  • Certificate in General Receptionist – 6 Month
  • Certificate in Kitchen Operations – 3 Months
  • Certificate in Restaurant Operations – 3 Months
  • Certificate in House Keeping Operations – 3 Months
  • Certificate in Customers Service Skills – 3 Months


Trytoon Academy provide animation and Multimedia course module to the demand of animation industries and the making of best career opportunity in different sector like Film industries,advertisement sector,educational sector,medical sector,Automobile sector,engineering sector,building industries etc.We provide many different courses for short term and long term career courses like Diploma in animation and Film making,Diploma in 3D animation,Diploma in Visual Fx,2D animation,Graphic design course,Web design course etc.


  • Product Design Course
  • Automobile Design Course
  • Web Design Course
  • Graphic Design Course
  • Architecture Pre-viz Course
  • Vastu Design course
  • Landscape Design course
  • Photography course
  • Personal Development skills


  • Campus Placement Support.
  • Professional curriculum according demand industries.
  • Faculty with real time practical experienced.
  • Immediate up-gradation of training according to industry moderated.
  • Guest lecturers from industry experts.
  • Value added courses like job skills and Personal development.
  • Computer knowledge up gradation.
  • Studio visit for students & Study tours.
  • Students activities for industries orientation.
  • Seminar Workshop etc.
  • Student internship scheme.
  • Hostel facilities for Boys and Girls with Fooding and Securities.
  • Transportation for students movements.

Unique Training Programmes

  • Experts training
  • Practical site exposes
  • Industries visit
  • Job training Mock interview
  • Communication Soft skill expertise
  • Visiting profession for different industries
  • Arranged seminar workshops for different projects
  • Motivation industrial exposes
  • Internship and Placements


TRYTOON ACADEMY is one of the Fashion Design , Interior Design and Animation Collegein bhubaneswar,odisha since 6 year of Education services excellence with Production Workshop involved bunch professional to achieved quality education & research oriented practical training. We have affiliated By International Accredited organisation which our certification valid all over the world for higher education.We offer only Interior design specialization courses for Short term courses[6 months & 10 months duration] Diploma courses For [2 years] Degree Courses for [3 years] respectively.Our team has only the bunch of professional faculty which has involved our professional work since couple of year share the practical expertise to our valuable students to achieves there entrepreneurship goal. We have lots of facilities which provide all the students

  • Campus Placement Support
  • Professional curriculum.
  • Faculty with real time production experienced.
  • Immediate and alert up gradation of training according to industry demands.
  • Expert Guest lectures from industry experts.
  • Guest lectures from industry experts.
  • Value added courses like job skills and Personal development.
  • Studio visit for students.
  • Practice LAB available 24×7.
  • Students activities for creative orientation.
  • Seminar Workshop etc.
  • Student internship scheme.
  • Hostel Facilities with flooding and boarding.

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