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Tryoon Academy provide many short term certificate courses for Hotel management industries For those with a passion for the art of cooking our short courses are Engineered by our culinary professionals to give you the experience of what is like being a bona fide culinary student in our kitchen classrooms. These short term hotel management certificate courses are suitable for house wives, husbands and their young ones from knife skills to cooking with wine; this cooking school has something for everyone.

These short term hotel management courses are job oriented courses which is the period of 1 months to 6 months courses and the courses curriculum are practical basis in our college.We offer various short-term certificate courses in Bhubaneswar for Hotel Management, Tourism, Catering, House-Keeping, Food and Beverage Service, Food Production and Technology, Front-Office, Cookery and Bakery  etc.

Short term course for 6 Months Bakery Baking Technicians
Short term course for 6 Months Snacks Production
Short term course for 6 Months General Receptionist
Short term course for 3 Months Kitchen Operations
Short term course for 3 Months Restaurant Operations
Short term course for 3 Months Housekeeping Operations
Short term course for 3 Months Customers Service Skills
Short term course for 6 Months Food & Beverages

Duration: 3/6 months certificate, 1/2 years diploma.

Eligibility: 10th pass or fail (certificate/diploma) 1, 3, 6 months and 1 year courses.

For 2 years diploma – 10th pass.


  • Certificate in Bakery Baking Technicians – 6 Months
  • Certificate in Snacks Production – 6 Months
  • Certificate in General Receptionist – 6 Month
  • Certificate in Kitchen Operations – 3 Months
  • Certificate in Restaurant Operations – 3 Months
  • Certificate in House Keeping Operations – 3 Months
  • Certificate in Customers Service Skills – 3 Months
  • Certificate in Food & Beverages-6 Months

Certificate in Bakery Baking Technicians – 6 Months

Course Overview– Baking, one of the oldest professions in the world, is a very dynamic and innovative culinary technique used for making bread and confectioneries. Baking is the process of cooking food through dry heat which is usually done in an oven, hot ashes or hot stones. It is a specialised field which requires a thorough understanding of cooking techniques and sticking to precise recipes. As a profession, baking is getting more and more popular, since cutting a cake has become customary for every auspicious occasion whether it is a small gathering or large function. Nothing excites consumers more than tempting sweets and beautiful desserts.Certificate in Bakery Baking Technicians

Article of Trytoon Academy in Bhubaneswar find Baking profession combines both art and science. Baking is a career that demands lots of creativity, commitment and passion for food. It is an exiting career for those with an intrinsic interest in cooking, have natural culinary talents, artistic skill and social nature. Bakers are skilled, creative and innovative professionals who specialize in the manufacturing of various kinds of cakes, bread loaves, biscuits, bread rolls, pies, cookies, tarts, brownies, muffins, pastries etc. These artisans develop new recipes, direct bakers and prepare foodstuff in correct and accurate proportion. But being a baker is not as simple as it seems.

Certificate in Snacks Production – 6 Months

short term course for Snacks Production in bhubaneswar,odishaCertificate in snacks production is most demanded short term courses given by Trytoon Academy at Bhubaneswar for students who interested to make career in food production .It is short term courses for 6 months which expertise for snacks production etc.

Certificate in– 6 Month

Trytoon Academy provide short courses for Receptionist certificate programs are offered for students looking to run a front office. Take a look at the courses, employment outlook, and salary information.

Short term course for General Receptionist and front office training in bhubaneswar odishaCertificate programs for receptionists and administrative assistants teach the basic and practical tasks necessary to run the front office of an organization. Office technology is an important component of the curriculum as well, with coursework in spreadsheet software programs and fax machine operation. If you are studying to become a medical or dental receptionist, you’ll likely complete additional courses in medical terminology and hospital procedures. Some of the courses found in such a program include:

Short Course Certificate in Receptionist Front office -Our Subjects

  • Intro to human relations
  • Presentation software
  • Business communications
  • Basic financial accounting and computerized accounting
  • Desktop publishing software
  • Filing systems and office technology

Certificate in Kitchen Operations – 3 Months

Our intensive Kitchen Operations Management Certificate is intended to provide essential skills for those actively pursuing employment in kitchen operations management as well as to upgrade the skill sets of busy professionals working in the hotel industry.

short term course for Kitchen Operations in bhubaneswarThe courses required for this kitchen operations certificate expose you to both core in Trytoon Academy  College curriculum and industry-relevant content.

Short term Course in in Kitchen Operations -Our Subjects

  • Introduction of Cookery & Culinary History
  • Aims & Object of Cooking
  • Function & Lay-out of Kitchen
  • Staff Brigade & Job Responsibility
  • Basic Cooking Raw Materials
  • Mise-en-Place & Mise-en-Sean
  • Methods of Cooking Food
  • Basic Preparation of Stocks,Soups,Sauces,Gravy & Curry,Appetiser & Salad
  • Basic Principal of Food Production: Meat, Fish, Egg, Vegetable, Rice & Cereals Cookery, Sandwiches.
  • Kitchen Management

Certificate in Restaurant Operations – 3 Months

Short course for Restaurant Operations -Our Subjects

short term course for Restaurant Operations provide top hotel management college in bhubaneswarShort term course for restaurant operation most demanded career in Bhubaneswar as the increase demand for hotel and restaurant in metro cities ,lot of employee can create by Short term course for restaurant operation in 3months course syllabus those students have 10th qualifications.

  • Food & Beverage Service Areas and Equipment
  • The Menu, Menu Knowledge and Accompaniments
  • Beverages: Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic
  • The Food & Beverage Service Sequence
  • The Service of Breakfast & Afternoon Tea
  • Specialized forms of Service
  • Gueridon Service
  • Function Catering
  • Supervisory aspects of Food & Beverage Service

Certificate in Housekeeping Operations – 3 Months

Trytoon Academy is top leading Hotel management college in Bhubaneswar provide short term course for Housekeeping operation in Bhubaneswar which  define ,Functions and roles of the housekeeping personnel; room decoration and maintenance; personnel work scheduling fundamental knowledge of materials and cleaning-washing chemicals, laundry equipment and laundry procedures.Short term course for Housekeeping Operations in bhubaneswar

Short course in Housekeeping Operations  course Objectives:

  • To understand the role and responsibilities of housekeeping department in the hotel and other accommodations.
  • To familiar with the positions, job descriptions and tasks of each position in housekeeping and laundry operation.
  • Can prepare the budget for housekeeping department; calculate the staff requirement guestroom supplies, linen and uniform.
  • Have the knowledge of cleaning chemical, equipment, cleaning techniques required for public areas, guestrooms and specific areas.
  • Have the knowledge of fabrics, linen used in the hotel and select the suitable uniform for the hotel staff.
  • Prepare inventory for equipment, linen and uniform.
  • Have the knowledge of floor maintenance.
  • Be familiar with laundry operation, hotel laundry and guest laundry.
  • Understand the concept of safety and security in the housekeeping operation

Short course in Housekeeping Operations  course  Subjects-

Trytoon Academy if the best hotel management college in Bhubaneswar provide short term courses for Housekeeping Operations  course  

  • Types of Hotel
  • Organisation of a Hotel & Hotel Chain Associations
  • Types of Rooms
  • Organisation of Housekeeping Department
  • Hotel Housekeeping Administrative Duties
  • Housekeeping Floor Procedures
  • Guest Room Cleaning Procedures
  • Housekeeping Control Desk
  • Public Area Cleaning
  • Cleaning Knowledge & Practice
  • Laundry Services
  • The Linen & the Uniform rooms
  • Other Housekeeping Knowledge

 Short course in Housekeeping Operations  course  Job Opportunities

  • Hotels
  • Lodges
  • Bars
  • Casinos
  • Cruise Lines
  • Room Service
  • Housekeeping
  • Ferry Attendant


Certificate in Food & Beverages-6 Months

Course Description-

Students in Bhubaneswar odisha find top ranking govt affiliated college provide short term courses for food and beverages in hotel industries.This program of studies provides the necessary training to achieve the necessary knowledge and competencies at junior management in a food and beverage or a room’s division department within a hotel organisation.

Short term Certificate in Food & Beverages in bhubaneswar,odishaKey Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the student will be able to

  • Be responsible for an operational section within a hotel within the food and beverage department or rooms division department
  • Carry out contemporary systems and theories related to the administrative and operational areas in rooms division or food and beverage operations
  • Comply and exhibit sound ethical behaviour at the workplace, excellent leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Deal with a number of key operational issues that might occur within a hotel or a catering organisation
  • Deliver economic, efficient, effective and environmentally friendly operational performance.

Job Opportunities

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Lodges
  • Bars
  • Casinos
  • Cruise Lines
  • Room Service
  • Conference & Banqueting
  • Duty Management
  • Front Office
  • Reservations
  • Housekeeping

 Certificate in Customers Service Skills – 3 Months

Course Description-

Trytoon Academy in Bhubaneswar as top leading college in Bhubaneswar,odisha has provide many short term courses for customers service skill training for 3 months course syllabus.Customer service has always been an integral part of business or agency mission, but social media has made the customer experience more easily shared with and visible to everyone. Recognizing and interpreting customer concerns at all levels of the organization will help you address issues before they can go viral. Learn how to manage service issues by identifying customer needs and expectations, better communicating with customers, and objectively evaluating your organization’s customer service.

Certificate in Customers Service SkillsThis course is designed for professionals looking to improve the customer service experience and develop techniques to build strong customer relationships.

Learning Objectives-

  • Examine the value of providing exceptional customer service in today’s business environment
  • Explore how service is defined by customers
  • Communicate effectively and genuinely with customers
  • Apply strategies to better deal with challenging customers
  • Objectively evaluate customer service efforts
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