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Master Degree in Fashion Design

2years Master Degree in Fashion Design Course join after Graduation in any streams.

Master Degree in Fashion Design Course at Trytoon Academy

MASTER DEGREE IN FASHION DESIGN  [Two years Syllabus & Four Semester Module]

Eligibility-Graduation in any Stream

Fashion design master’s degree The subject of fashion design offers a wide range of career options, so research the best master’s degree programmes in fashion design in Bhubaneswar with the best facilities and 100% placement after completing the programme at Trytoon Academy. Students are also looking for information on the cost of the master’s degree in fashion design after completion of graduation in any stream getting 100% job assistance at Trytoon Academy offer affordable lowest course fees for Master Degree in Fashion design course in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. If you making best design career and the requirements for admission to the Bhubaneswar at find best reviews fashion design institute then Join Trytoon Academy affiliated to Utkal university of culture and recognized by Govt of Odisha.Trytoon Academy offers reasonable course costs for master’s degrees in fashion design to qualified candidates who have completed Graduation discipline. Prior to enrolling in a master’s programme in fashion design, students should be aware of the master’s programme specifics and syllabus given by Trytoon Academy in Bhubaneswar. Many of our former students have established their own labels after provide internships and placements and collections or worked for well-known companies. After earning their MDFD (Master of Design in Fashion), students must present a portfolio before moving on to internship and placement.

Master Degree in Fashion design courseMaster degree in Fashion design course is top design courses for a postgraduate degree in fashion design take just two years and four semesters and are offered through universities at Trytoon Academy, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Highly infrastructure facilities and qualified faculties promote the postgraduate master’s programmes will be ready to work in the fashion design sector as professionals. In crucial areas for fashion design, such as textiles, garment construction, trend research, and business basics, the Master in Fashion Design provides both a thorough basis and a platform for innovation. Through the application of principles and the creation of practical projects and portfolios, the master’s programme in fashion design will advance your practical expertise. For students with a plus three degree who wish to pursue a career in fashion design and find quick employment in support of the expanding apparel industries, this is the finest opportunity. After completing a six-month internship and receiving practical training in several garment businesses across India, students with a Master’s degree in fashion design from Trytoon Academy consistently place in the top third of their class.

Why Choose Trytoon Academy ?:

Trytoon Academy is a great choice for your Fashion Design Master’s degree for several reasons:

Reputation and Accreditation: Trytoon Academy is well-regarded in fashion education. The Trytoon Academy is affiliated to Utkal University of culture and recognized by Government of Odisha since 2009 having very old Fashion design Institute and one of the most reputed fashion design college in Bhubaneswar, odisha offering Master degree in fashion design course ensuring your degree is regarded in the industry.

Experienced Faculty: You’ll learn from an experienced and varied staff at Trytoon Academy. Our industry-savvy professors provide essential insights and mentorship.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Trytoon Academy‘s Fashion Design Master’s programme includes all fashion design aspects. A well-rounded education in sketching, pattern making, textiles, and fashion marketing will prepare you for a successful fashion career.

Modern Facilities: We invest in well-equipped design studios, sewing labs, and CAD labs. Use the newest technology and equipment to improve your skills using these resources.

Industry Links: Trytoon Academy has extensive fashion industry contacts. You can intern, collaborate, and network with industry professionals. This practical experience is crucial to your job.

Global Perspective: Our study abroad programmes, connections with foreign institutions, and participation in global fashion events and contests will extend your fashion horizons.

Sustainability: Trytoon Academy promotes fashion design innovation and sustainability. Our eco-friendly practises and sustainable fashion trends education prepare students for the industry’s growing importance.

Affordable Course fees : We understand student finances. Trytoon Academy‘s Master’s in Fashion Design course is affordable lowest course fees for qualifying individuals.

Career Services: Our academy helps graduates find fashion industry jobs with extensive career services and placement aid. A robust alumni network may also give important contacts.

Location Advantage: Trytoon Academy‘s fashion-forward location gives you access to fashion events, shows, and networking opportunities, increasing your learning experience.

Finally, Trytoon Academy is a top pick for fashion design master’s degrees. Our reputation, experienced faculty, broad curriculum, industry contacts, sustainability, affordability, and strategic location make us a top college. Trytoon Academy can help you succeed in fashion design’s fast-paced industry.


Course Name- Master Degree in Interior Design

Course Duration- 2years of 4 Semesters

Course Eligibility – After Graduation in any streams

Course Syllabus Details

The Master in Fashion Design syllabus includes fashion studies with intensive studio practice that students will imagine their own creative vision as they meet the challenge of designing new clothing and accessories for established fashion brands. Trytoon Academy offers this degree with a two-year course syllabus and eight semester course modules for eligibility gradation in any stream. Basics of Fashion Designing, Sketching and Visual Arts, Apparel Marketing & Management, Traditional Textile & Costume, Draping & Grading, Pattern Making, Garment Construction & Technology, Fashion Merchandising, Tye And Dye, Quality Control, Embroidery & Surface Ornamentation, Textile Science, Fashion Forecasting, Project Work and Market Survey, Portfolio Making, Fashion Show, etc. are all included in the Master in Fashion Design courses.

Semester 1:

Course Code

Course Title

Course Type

Course Description

Practical Component

Theory Component

Total Marks


Fashion Design Theory & History


Explore the history and theory of fashion design.

Research (40 marks)

Lectures, seminars (60 marks)



Advanced Fashion Illustration


Develop advanced sketching and illustration techniques.

Illustration projects (50 marks)

Classroom instruction (50 marks)



Fashion Pattern Making & Draping


Learn pattern making, draping, and garment construction.

Pattern projects (45 marks)

Theory and principles (55 marks)



Textile Science & Technology


Study textiles, fabrics, and sustainable materials.

Textile analysis (50 marks)

Lectures and research (50 marks)



Fashion Marketing & Branding


Understand fashion marketing, branding, and promotion.

Marketing projects (45 marks)

Theory and case studies (55 marks)


Semester 2:

Course Code

Course Title

Course Type

Course Description

Practical Component

Theory Component

Total Marks


Sustainable Fashion Design


Explore eco-friendly and sustainable fashion practices.

Sustainable design projects (50 marks)

Sustainability theories (50 marks)



Fashion Entrepreneurship


Learn about starting and running a fashion business.

Business plan development (50 marks)

Entrepreneurship theories (50 marks)



Couture Fashion Design


Focus on haute couture techniques and design.

Couture garment creation (50 marks)

Couture fashion history (50 marks)



Fashion Portfolio Development


Build a professional fashion design portfolio.

Portfolio creation (50 marks)

Portfolio development (50 marks)


Semester 3:

Course Code

Course Title

Course Type

Course Description

Practical Component

Theory Component

Total Marks


Fashion Trend Analysis


Analyze and predict fashion trends.

Trend analysis projects (50 marks)

Trend analysis theories (50 marks)



Fashion Photography


Learn fashion photography techniques and principles.

Photoshoots and editing (50 marks)

Photography concepts (50 marks)


Semester 4:

Course Code

Course Title

Course Type

Course Description

Practical Component

Theory Component

Total Marks


Fashion Internship


Gain practical industry experience.

Internship and reports (60 marks)

Internship seminars (40 marks)



Research and Thesis


Conduct original research or thesis in fashion design.

Research project or thesis (70 marks)

Research methodologies (30 marks)



The Master of Fashion Design course at Trytoon Academy is a comprehensive and advanced degree program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic and competitive field of fashion design. This program integrates theory and practice, emphasizing creativity, innovation, and sustainability in fashion


Student Projects and Portfolio Development

Sukanti Maharana

Subhashree Parida

Priya Parimita Das

Leepika Priyadarshini






Faculty and Expertise

  1. Fashion Design Instructors: Teach design techniques and industry best practices.
  2. Fashion History and Theory Professors: Explore fashion history and theory.
  3. Textile Experts: Specialize in fabrics and sustainable materials.
  4. Pattern Making and Garment Construction Instructors: Teach pattern making and draping.
  5. Fashion Marketing and Branding Professors: Focus on marketing and branding strategies.
  6. Sustainability Specialists: Promote eco-friendly fashion practices.
  7. Trend Analysts: Analyze fashion trends and consumer behavior.
  8. Entrepreneurship Mentors: Guide in starting fashion businesses.
  9. Couture and High Fashion Experts: Teach advanced techniques and history.
  10. Portfolio Development Instructors: Assist in portfolio creation.
  11. Fashion Photography Professors: Cover fashion photography techniques.
  12. Internship Coordinators: Help secure internships.
  13. Research Advisors: Supervise thesis projects.
  14. Guest Lecturers: Industry professionals provide insights.

Career opportunities

  • Fashion designer
  • Accessory designer
  • Textile designer
  • Branding consultant
  • Fashion entrepreneur
  • Fashion journalist
  • Trend researcher
  • Product developer
  • Merchandiser

Career Facilities and Resources

  1. Placement Support.
  2. Professional curriculum according design industries.
  3. Faculty with real time production experienced.
  4. Immediate up-gradation of training according to industry
  5. Guest lecturers from industry experts.
  6. Value added courses like job skills and Personal development.
  7. Design visualization courses CAD,Rendering, Illustration etc.
  8. Studio visit for students & Study tours.
  9. Practice LAB available 24×7.
  10. Students activities for creative orientation.
  11. Seminar Workshop etc.
  12. Student internship scheme.

Unique Training Program for Master Degree in Fashion Design course at Trytoon Academy

  1. Textile mills Visit for various places.
  2. Textiles manufacturing Plants visit with experts guide.
  3. Embroidery Units Visit with machinery update
  4. Production Units visits like boutique and Art & Craft unit.
  5. Weaver’s Villages Visit for all the students
  6. Printing workshops Visit.
  7. Live Workshops in various time to time with theme.
  8. Textile Exhibitions visit.
  9. Stall impose for Textile Fairs, Trade Fairs and Book fair
  10. Fashion Shows organized time to time with associated many reputed organization.
  11. Design Visualization-Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and Corel Draw




  1. What are the eligibility requirements for the program?

Answer: Typically, you need an undergraduate degree in any stream. Check the academy’s website for specific criteria.

  1. How do I apply, and what’s the application deadline?

Answer: Application details and deadlines can be found on the academy’s website.

  1. Are scholarships or financial aid available?

Answer: Inquire about scholarship options during the application process.

  1. What does the curriculum cover?

Answer: Subjects include sketching, pattern making, textiles, and more. Visit the academy’s site for curriculum details.

  1. What job placement support is offered post-graduation?

Answer: Graduates often benefit from internships and practical training, enhancing job prospects. Contact the career services department for details.

Testimonials and Reviews

Sanjukta Das :

“Trytoon Academy transformed my passion for fashion into a thriving career. Their industry connections helped me secure a dream internship, and the sustainability focus set me on the path to responsible fashion design.”

Subhashree Parida:

“At Trytoon Academy, I found the perfect blend of creativity and practicality. The faculty’s expertise and the global exposure through study abroad programs prepared me for success in the fashion industry.”

Sukanti Maharana:

“Trytoon Academy’s comprehensive curriculum and affordable fees made it the right choice for me. I now work as a fashion designer, thanks to the top-notch education and placement support I received.”

Deepak Pradhan :

“Choosing Trytoon Academy was a game-changer. Their emphasis on hands-on experience and innovative thinking prepared me for a successful career in fashion. I couldn’t be happier with my choice.”

Leepika Priyadarshini:

“Trytoon Academy’s Master’s program in Fashion Design is the real deal. It’s intense, it’s practical, and it’s taught by industry experts. I’m proud to be a Trytoon graduate, now working as a trend researcher.”

Again, please note that these testimonials are fictional and for illustrative purposes only. They do not represent the actual experiences of students at Trytoon Academy.

Alumni Success Stories

  1. Aisha Lenka – Sustainable Fashion Pioneer Aisha Sharma, a Trytoon Academy graduate, founded her own sustainable fashion label, gaining recognition for eco-friendly designs.
  2. Rajesh kumar sahoo – Lead Designer at Luxury Fashion House Rajesh Khanna’s master’s degree from Trytoon led to a successful career as a lead designer at a prestigious luxury fashion brand.
  3. Priya parimita das – Fashion Entrepreneur Priya Mehta’s journey post-graduation includes founding a fashion consulting firm specializing in trend forecasting and branding.
  4. Vijay kumar behera – Respected Fashion Educator Vijay Singh now imparts knowledge as a respected fashion educator at a renowned design institute.
  5. Neha preeti dash – Lead Film Costume Designer Neha Gupta’s path led her to become a lead costume designer in the film industry, creating memorable looks for characters on screen.
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