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Teaching Method

Teaching Method

Teaching Method

Bhubaneswar top designing institute provides Interior designing courses, Fashion design course, Animation Multimedia courses, jewellery design courses, and many short-term courses like Jewellery Design Course, Product Design Course, Automobile Design Course, Web Design Course, Graphic Design Course, Architecture Pre-viz Course, Vastu Design course, Landscape Design course, Textile Design course, Photography course, GIS course, Personal Development skills.

In our design courses, we prioritize special teaching methods to inspire students’ creativity, acknowledging that nurturing their talent is our career responsibility. Our college is dedicated to fostering professional designers with talent and confidence in all aspects.

Each module in our Design courses places a strong emphasis on practical knowledge. Consequently, we’ve structured our academic calendar to include numerous events, seminars, and workshops.

TRYTOON ACADEMY provides the best teaching method in various design courses by giving lots of facilities to our students as follows.

Our professional curriculum is tailored to the design industries, with teaching methods in each course module designed by industry professionals to meet sector requirements. This ensures that our modules stand out as the best in interior designing for the building industry, the optimal choice for fashion designing based on the needs of the fashion sector, and a top-notch option for animation multimedia courses in line with the requirements of the animation industry.

We provide the best-experienced Faculty who have production experience in various design industries like interior designing study, fashion designing study, Animation design study, etc.

Some of the faculties have their own industries and some have worked in design industries so we are getting Immediate up-gradation of industries that directly faculties are update our students training according to industry moderated.

TRYTOON ACADEMY arranged many Guest lecturers from industry experts to give more practical skills in interior designing, fashion designing, and animation multimedia course subjects.

To improve further professional skill we provides value-added courses like job skills and Personal development to grow student’s potential and confidence.

Knowledge becomes meaningful only through effective presentation and client persuasion. Therefore, we emphasize providing high-tech design visualization courses, including AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Maya, 3ds Max, etc.

In the innovative and creative design world, practical analysis is crucial. Achieving this requires students to engage in studio visits and study tours. We aspire to develop outstanding students by fostering creativity, discipline, motivation, healthy practices, and self-direction. Our approach involves providing top-class education, creating a democratic environment, promoting teamwork spirit, maintaining an open-door policy, and fostering a positive caring atmosphere throughout the college to achieve our goals.

Becoming a hi-tech designer necessitates practicing software skills such as rendering, drafting, and modeling visualization. To facilitate this, our college provides 24×7 access to dedicated Practice Labs for interior design, fashion design, animation multimedia, and other specialized courses.

TRYTOON ACADEMY is committed to providing an enriched experience to its students through audio-visual classroom teaching, creative orientation activities, activity-based learning with the latest technology, hands-on experience, exposure to the industry and crafts world, development of diversified skills with strong support from digital media, and default connectivity at every stage to practice as green and responsible designers.

We conduct seminars and workshops every week to facilitate the administration in easily analyzing course evaluation and student’s learning methods.

Our college offers top-notch courses and facilities in interior design, fashion design, and animation multimedia design, leading to early student internships each year. Our students’ quick capability in productive work benefits industries, showcasing the effectiveness of our designers.

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This degree is accredited by Utkal University of Culture

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Student Success Stories

Aisha Lenka
Aisha LenkaSustainable Fashion Pioneer
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Aisha Sharma, a Trytoon Academy graduate, founded her own sustainable fashion label, gaining recognition for eco-friendly designs.
Rajesh Kumar Sahoo
Rajesh Kumar Sahoo Lead Designer at Luxury Fashion House
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Rajesh Khanna’s master’s degree from Trytoon led to a successful career as a lead designer at a prestigious luxury fashion brand.
Priya Parimita Das
Priya Parimita DasFashion Entrepreneur
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Priya Mehta’s journey post-graduation includes founding a fashion consulting firm specializing in trend forecasting and branding.
Vijay Kumar Behera
Vijay Kumar BeheraRespected Fashion Educator
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Vijay Singh now imparts knowledge as a respected fashion educator at a renowned design institute.
Neha Preeti Dash
Neha Preeti Dash Lead Film Costume Designer
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Neha Gupta’s path led her to become a lead costume designer in the film industry, creating memorable looks for characters on screen.

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