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Affiliated to Utkal University of Culture Recognised by Govt. of Odisha

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IMAGINE… everything that comes from under your brush is making your clients exclaim “WOW!” …this exact moment at TRYTOON ACADEMY when “the design students start smiling and won’t give the Mirror back, this is what makes me our College Proud!”

This is a fantastic workshop for the absolute Interior Design and Fashion design students or someone who has dabbled but wants to know the correct techniques required to create stunning designs. The face painting process covered include loading a brush, sponge work, dots, stars and stripes, glitter, good hygiene practices, easy cleanup and more. Energetic, self expressive and inspirational are the best ways to describe design students exposed their talent through Face paining workshop at our Trytoon Academy,Bhubaeswar,Odisha. Face painting is a wonderfully rewarding, creative activity that is loved by our Interior Design and Fashion Design students , and a delightful way to exposed the art and creativity. This is a fun session for a fashion design and Interior design students at Trytoon Academy to have some one-on-one face painting job hands-on and creative manner. With our painting workshop, students learned simple brush strokes at the start. From there, they will pick up all sorts of ideas. Whether they want to do spiderman face painting, tiger face paint, abstract painting or anything other design, whis was really fantastic job so we always proud to TRYTOONIAN.

face paining workshopFace Painting Techniques

  • Essential brush strokes
  • Sponging & blending
  • Using large rainbow cakes
  • ‘One-stroke’ designs using small rainbow cakes

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