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Fashion Forecasting is a Fashion job that involves researching and analyzing upcoming trends based on consumer data and buying trends.

Coco Channel once said, “Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.” Fashion would not be here without fashion forecasting.

Steps in Developing  a Fashion Forecasting

1.Identify the basic facts about past trends and forecasts

2.Determine the causes of change in the past.

3.Determine the difference between past forecasts and actual behaviors.

4.Determine the factors likely to affect trends in the future.

5.Apply forecasting tools and techniques while paying attention to issues of accuracy and reliability.

6.Follow the forecast continually to determine reasons for significant deviations from expectation.

7.Revise the forecast when necessary.

Process of Fashion Forecasting

The process of Fashion Forecasting is a time consuming process that requires months of research before the next fall and spring and so on. Many times forecasters will start predicting within five to ten years in advance (depending on the company). 

The Steps of Fashion Forecasting Process

a)Trend Forecasting

Trend Forecasting is the process of  researching and formulating predictions on consumers future buying habits.

b) Colour Forecasting

Colour forecasting is the practice of predicting the colours and colour stories that consumers will want to purchase in the near future.

c) Textile Development

Textile fabrics comes from the introduction of new fibers, the manipulation of yarn and fabric structures, variation in pattern and prints and innovative finishing processes

d) The Range Development

A range is group of fabrics or products designed, developed and edited to be shown and sold to the market each season.

Design Methodology

Design methodology is the process of putting together parts or ideas of an organisation to create an amalgamated, functional product. The following assortment is followed for final design development, considering the forecast report:

a.Theme Board

b.Mind Mapping

c.Mood Board

d.Client Board

e.Fabric Board

f.Trim Board

g.Design Development Process


i.Flat Sketch

j.Estimated Cost Sheet

k.Garment Development

L.Final Cost sheet


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