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Natural dyes total process to get different techniques of weaving on various looms


Department of Fashion Designing made Industrial Visit at Nuapatna,Odisha for natural dyes handloom production learn the natural dyeing process of handlooms by the design master Arjun Pal . 43-year-old Arjun pal from Bidharpur, Nuapatana in Odisha has been weaving on cotton and silk yarns since 1993 ,His forte lies in products likes sarees, stoles and […]

Market study interior products for Interior Designing students


Trytoon Academy interior design College prefers Interior Design and detailing exposure for Interior Design Students and creates new exposure to ideas and thought process not only design but to create more reproductive and sustainable environment. Trytoon Academy is one of reputed Interior Design college in Bhubaneswar Odisha , provide university  Master degree in Interior Design course , […]

Fashion Studio exposure for fashion design students


Trytoon Academy College for Fashion Designing Students. The college prefers Fashion exposure for fashion design students and creates new thoughts to design for society or environment which is reproductive & sustainable. Trytoon Academy has its own motto that is 360 activities for fashion design students which includes Fashion Exhibitions, Fashion Competitions, Fashion Exposures, Industrial Visits, […]

Industrial visit The Weaver’s village-Maniabandha

Weaver’s-village-Maniabandha (1)

The Weaver’s village-Maniabandha An Industrial visit of students of Fashion Design ….. Mitu Giri, March 2, 2019 The students of Fashion Design departments of “Trytoon Academy” & “College of Engineering & Technology”, Bhubaneswar jointly participated in an Industrial visit to the weaver’s village-Maniabandha. Rich in the rural landscape “Maniabandha” houses a number of weaver’s family […]

Interior Design students furniture factory visit

Interior Design students furniture shop visit 4

Industrial visit for Interior Designing students in different furniture designing industries to know practical expose focusing different furniture product development was organized by TRYTOON ACADEMY the top interior designing college in Bhubaneswar odisha. An educational industrial tour was arranged for two diploma Diploma of Interior Design and four year bachelor degree in interior design Students […]

Fashion Designing students Industrial Visits

Fashion design industrial visit 1

Industrial visit  for Fashion Designing students in different fashion industries to know practical expose focusing different product development was organized by TRYTOON ACADEMY the top fashion designing college in Bhubaneswar odisha. The aim of this visit was to develop a practical understanding of all core elements & processes involved in Fashion and apparel development. This […]

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