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Anthropometric workshop studied practical knowledge about  anthropometric measurements of our  Interior design students at Trytoon Academy,Bhubaneswar,Odisha. Students have learned How can you design furniture anthropometric  which can be used by multiple users?. This workshop provide basic knowledge about Anthropometric measurements whenever be considered for designing, it helps to students in achieving comfortability level ,so anthropometry can be defined as the study which deal with body dimensions i.e. body size, shape,strength and working capacity for design purposes and body composition. Literature survey shows that many researchers conducted various researches regarding designing various furnitures.

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Anthropometrics workshop involve research that includes measurements of the human body while ergonomics involves using anthropometric data when designing products to improve user experience. Interior design stdents have draw actual size of body to find more practical.The primary difference between anthropometrics and ergonomics is their focus and use.Anthropometric data helps designers to design their product.

Anthropometrics is the study of the human body and its movements, especially in terms of its measurements, but ergonomics is the scientific discipline that involves designing products and environments to match the individuals who use them.While anthropometrics involves the systematic measurement of the physical properties of the human body (height, weight, shape, arm length, etc.), ergonomic involves incorporating anthropometric data in designing products and environments.For instance, anthropometrics may involve measuring the circumference of heads of a target population and obtaining an average value whereas ergonomics may use this average head circumference value to design safety helmets.

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