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Master's Degree Course

Master's Degree Course



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Getting a master’s degree in fashion, interior design, or hotel management is a great way to dive deeper into these fields. In a fashion master’s program, you’ll learn about design, trends, and the business side of the fashion industry. For interior design, the focus is on improving your creativity, understanding spatial design, and adopting eco-friendly practices to create appealing spaces. On the other hand, a master’s in hotel management teaches you how to run hotels smoothly, emphasizing good customer service and smart planning. TRYTOON ACADEMY in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, known for its GOVT FASHION DESIGNING COLLEGE, is a great choice for quality education and practical training in these areas.

Two years Fashion Design course, Duration - 2 Years and 4 Semester, Eligibility - Graduation in Any Stream

Embark on a transformative journey in the world of fashion with Trytoon Academy’s Master Degree in Fashion Design. This two-year program, divided into four semesters, welcomes graduates from any stream to explore their passion for fashion. The course encompasses a rich syllabus, blending fashion studies with hands-on studio practice. As a student, you’ll delve into the essentials of fashion designing, sketching, apparel marketing, traditional textiles, and much more. The challenge lies in envisioning your creative flair while designing clothing and accessories for renowned fashion brands.

Beyond the classroom, the program extends opportunities for internships, industry interactions, and live projects, providing a holistic view of the product development process. Upon graduation, a world of possibilities awaits in designer stores, luxury brands, and apparel retail, making this Master’s degree a gateway to a fulfilling career in the dynamic fashion industry. At Trytoon Academy, we believe in shaping not just designers but visionaries ready to make their mark on the global fashion stage. Are you ready to redefine style and leave your imprint on the fashion landscape? Join us on this exciting journey!


Two years Interior Design course, Duration - 2 Years and 4 Semester, Eligibility - Graduation in Any streams minimum-45% aggregates

Embark on an advanced level of expertise with our Master Degree in Interior Design course, a 2-year, 4-semester program open to graduates from any stream. This specialization delves into the intricate concepts of interior design, emphasizing a research-based approach to experimenting and materializing spaces for enhanced aesthetics and functionality. Upon completing the 2-year Master Degree in Interior Design, students become eligible for internships provided by Trytoon Academy, setting the stage for promising job placements.

This postgraduate program is a two-year journey into the world of interior design, offering a deeper understanding of designing concepts, research methodologies, and the practical application of knowledge in beautifying spaces. Interior designers play a pivotal role in shaping indoor spaces, considering functionality, aesthetics, and furnishings. If you have a passion for designing interiors, considering factors like color, light, space, environment, vastu, and client psychology, and enjoy creating virtual realistic 3D interior designs, a career in interior design could be incredibly satisfying.

For those seeking the best interior design institute in Bhubaneswar, with top-notch educational facilities and excellent placement opportunities for master degree interior courses, Trytoon Academy is located in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Apply online to discover the admission procedure for the Master’s Degree in Interior Design on the Trytoon Academy website or call 9437000960 for detailed information about admissions and counseling for the master’s degree interior design course. Take the next step in advancing your career in interior design with Trytoon Academy.


Two years Fashion Design course, Duration - 2 Years and 4 Semester, Eligibility - Graduation in Any Stream

Master’s Degree in Hotel Management (MHM) is a 2-year postgraduate course and four-semester course syllabus bound by management and administration techniques that are useful in the field of the hospitality sector. The minimum eligibility required for the MHM course is graduation in any discipline preferably a Bachelor of Hotel Management. The skills taught to students in this course include hotel administration, handling of accounts, marketing, housekeeping, and basic operations of a hotel like front office, food and beverage management, catering and its maintenance, etc.

Students can find ample job opportunities in the field of hotel management. After completion of this course, they can get employed in various tourism companies that are always on the lookout for skilled and cheerful personalities. Successful postgraduates of the course can even become a professors in colleges and universities to teach the skills to the younger cadet of students. The most popular career choices for MHM postgraduates are Catering Supervisor, Assistant cabin crew, Hospitality Executive, Catering Officer, Sales Executive, Hotel Manager, Resort Manager, Hotel Supervisor, and Marketing Executive.


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